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Zavala Bespoke uniquely operates where fashion and fine art intersect. Customization and personalization transform your luxury pieces into one of a kind wearable art. From clothing to luggage, bags to briefcases, and everything in between, we are here to help. 


Set yourself apart with a Zavala Bespoke piece of your own.

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Each piece is a collaboration between the client and our head designer, Lauren Zavala. While some clients have a particular design in mind, others prefer to be surprised and don't have a vision for their piece yet. No matter the status of your design, our paintings are catered to each client individually. 

Using professional grade leather paints, your piece is made to last. That is perhaps our greatest joy here at Zavala Bespoke- creating long lasting paintings ready to travel the world with you. So take that bag to the beach or that jacket to the concert; just send us a photo of you doing it so we can see!

Here’s a close up of that gorgeous butte

I absolutely LOVE the Gucci handbag Zavala Bespoke painted for me!!!! It’s my favorite purse, and I receive compliments every time I use it. I love having a piece that is unique and custom made for me. Gorgeous!!!

Repost from _peachandpepper.___Love seei

 Lauren is a pleasure to work with. I love how it was a collaborative effort and a pairing of ideas... I love the artwork and words and love having a unique custom piece of wearable art! Can’t say enough great things about her work!

I hope you’re all having a lazy Sunday!_

I can't say THANK YOU enough!!! It's fantastic. I get compliments whenever I take it out and the quality is superb. Great communication and fast response.

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